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SEO Website as one of business strategy

SEO Website as one of business strategy

If we want to be a business owner that is popular in online presence, one of the main keys is to master SEO websites. SEO is an ability to optimize our website to be crawled by search engine google well. After developing and building a website or mobile app, concerning the website is a crucial part for us. Business strategy nowadays uses SEO to make their website popular on website ranking. Lot of start ups build websites that are able to compete in online presence by using SEO. Because the more optimize their website in online presence the more booming their business line.

After implementing a website with their contents ,it is important for us to represent the website in natural flow. Google algorithms will respect some web experts that build their website the natural way. As we know that AI or artificial content generators are booming right now. Some experts are able to use AI to optimize the content website. But search engines like several articles that 100 percent humans made. The SEO will go on natural flow and identify it as organic content. The way for us to master SEO is vital to develop our business startup models. The web experts that usually involve SEO specialists that know how to mix and match keywords that are capable of competing well in website ranking. After building a website, someone who is in charge of managing the website is an SEO specialist. He will be responsible for implementing some SEO to maximize business strategy capable of reaching out easily on website rangking to lead conversion sales. To make the website stand out on online presence there are a lot of aspects that need to concern begin from on page seo, off page seo, technical seo etc. SEO will lead into sales conversion if the website is capable of providing organic traffic. It is not one day's work, it needs a lot of effort to build it.

 Blog articles which provide good insight for customers will be respected by search engines. That’s why a start-up business model will require web developers (front end, back end or full stack) to work together with SEO or digital marketing team members to manage websites well. Websites nowadays are likely one of important aspects that help business organizations to succeed in the long term period.  Bring the product knowledge and give good insight to customers that want to buy the products in the future. Web developers may be responsible for coding and building infrastructure of the website but SEO specialists will play an important role to key success of website online presence and bring sales for the company in long term runs. One of the SEO aspects that we will need to concern is website speed. After building the website we need to check website speed. Is it a fast responsive website or does it need some improvement to be faster ? A lot of criteria that we need to meet to acquire a good website. SEO will help business organizations be easily accessed by the user. Make sure that SEO specialists meet this criteria to manage the website well.